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Little Did I Know
Little Did I Know...

Little did I know that the day I attended a business meeting back in 2002, would I find a solution to my recently-diagnosed health problem.  I had just been diagnosed with a digestive tract issue that I had dealt with since I was a young adult.  Within two weeks of taking Reliv's products, I experienced positive results.  My husband Buddy started taking the products at the same time, and he got results within weeks as well. When we both got results with our individual issues, I thought, “there’s something to this.” It only made sense that we join Reliv at the highest profit margin, since we would both be taking these products for a long, long time. 

People started asking me, "what's different?"  What they were seeing was a happier, less-stressed friend.  They also noticed that my skin tone was healthier looking.  My answer to their question was, "it must be that stuff I'm taking."  They all wanted to take what I was taking, and a business began.

Reliv has provided us with time freedom. When my mother starting having health problems including early stage dementia, we were not restricted by time and were able to help her transition through this period of her life. I was able to take her to doctors’ appointments, bring her shopping, and basically keep her safe until we were able to move her to an assisted living facility.  

I am now able to put more time into our Reliv business. It is the most rewarding work I have ever done – and it's FUN!  There's nothing that makes me happier than having a customer tell me how much better they are feeling.  Even more exciting are those who become distributors and start affecting their friends' and families' lives.